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Tom Horn — Director of Expertizing

“I began working part time at APS in 1974, while I was a grad student in the MBA program at Penn State (Class of 1981). My main responsibility was filling circuits in the Sales Division, but I also served as janitor for a year or so and mowed Colonel DeVoss’ lawn one summer. I moved to Colorado in 1978, then to California in 1979, and was rehired full time by Gordon Wrenn in 1980. I served under Gordon as Assistant Director of Sales until he retired in 1995. I have been Director of Sales since then. Since joining as a member in 1971, there are only 5 years during which I have not been employed by APS.

“When I began working for APS, we had all of our membership information on 3- by 5-inch or 4- by 6-inch cards and on Addressograph plates. You weren’t a seasoned employee until you dropped at least part of a tray of 100 metal address plates and have to put them back in order, hoping the little tabs on them were in the right position for the correct information they once indicated. We have long since computerized the information in the Society and in the Sales Division, a process I find to be interesting and exciting.

The present Sales Division staff is one of the best I have worked with all these years. It was a challenge to work through the many situations created by our unique approval system, making life in the Sales Division interesting. You would think that we have seen everything there is to see when working with the circuits, but we are not surprised when a new and unique situation pops up. Helping 3,400 members regularly buy and sell stamps was very gratifying.

I began a new chapter here at APS on November 1, 2016, after 36 years in the Sales Division. There was a need for more interaction with the APS Chapters, since they are the foundation hobby at the local level. We established the Chapter Ambassador program to develop two-way communications to better serve the local members. The pilot run of the Ambassador program has shown that it is beneficial for Chapters and for APS.

During the last 4 months of 2017, I trained under Mercer Bristow to take on the Expertizing Service, as he would be entering retirement by year’s end. In addition to the Expertizing duties, I am administering the Estate Advisory Service and managing the APS Reference Collection.

I have been a stamp collector since about 1960. My present interests include: Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, postal history; postal history of family locations; Scouts on stamps; weaving (looms and spinning wheels) on stamps; Liechtenstein; post horn cancels; and Worldwide.

My wife Sally and I have four sons (two are twins). They all grew up with Scouting experiences. All four (and I) are Eagle Scouts, and all six of us are Vigil Honor members in the Order of the Arrow. I like the biking trips and Sally likes the canoe trips. Sally and I taught Sunday School, served on church council, supported many church activities and projects and now I serve on the local Lutheran Synod Council. Our sons have started families and we currently have 8 grandchildren with no signs of them stopping at 8.

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