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Stephanie Frankhouser, Internet Sales Processing Clerk

I have worked at the APS for almost twenty-four years. My first position was in Sales Division as a Circuit Clerk. I worked my way up through the years to New Sales Book Secretary before moving to the Internet Sales Unit Department, where I currently work. My duties at ISU include opening and logging all incoming mail, helping to prepare outgoing mail, and scanning and typing in new submissions information into our computer database where it can be accessed by members online. What I enjoy most about my job is seeing the many stamps that are sent to the APS from all over the world. I never realized just how many varieties there are!

I live a few miles from one of our beautiful local state parks, Greenwood Furnace. It has a small lake that helps make it a popular spot for summer picnics. In my free time I like to browse through local flea markets and antique shops in search of old Holiday postcards, which I’ve recently started to collect. I also enjoy taking a yearly vacation to different places around the country and hope someday to travel overseas as well.

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