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Qualifying Champion of Champions

Qualifying for the Upcoming Benjamin and Naomi Wishnietsky Champion of Champions - the below lists show exhibits that have won national level grands (single and multi-frame) and are not eligible to be shown competitively at other national shows for the remainder of the show year until the champion of champion competition is held. (Single frame show year runs January - December. Multi-frame show year runs from July - June.)

Exhibits that do not win the champion of champion competition may be shown competitively in subsequent show years.

Multi-Frame Qualifiers
Single-Frame Frame Qualifiers
Multi-Frame Qualifiers (show year July - June)
Americover Charles J. O'Brien III New York World's Fair 1939
BALPEX Alfredo Frohlich Panama - The Evolution of Postal Systems in Panama 1777-1878
CHICAGOPEX Dr. Peter P. McCann Montserrat: Postal History of a Caribbean Island
Filatelic Fiesta Paul Allen Victorian Outgoing Indian Mail from October 1854-July 1876
FLOREX Phillip Stager The Coconut Palm: The Palm of Life & the Palm of Commerce
INDYPEX William M. Dugan The Production of the 1893 Columbian Exposition Issue
MILCOPEX Jean-Jacques Tillard St. Pierre et Miquelon, Le Type "Groupe" 1892-1908
Minnesota Stamp Expo Ross Olson Sweden - The Medallion Series, 1910-1919
National Topical    
NOJEX Nicholas A. Lombardi The 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue
Omaha Stamp Show Robert D. Hohertz Revenue Stamped Paper of the Spanish American War Tax Era
Philatelic Show    
Plymouth Show    
Rocky Mountain Stamp Show    
St. Louis Stamp Expo    
Sarasota National    
SEAPEX David Patterson New Zealand - The Chalon Issues: 1855-1873
SESCAL Nicholas M. Kirke The Foreign Mail Cancels of New York City; Their Progression 1845-1877
Southeastern Stamp Show    
STAMPSHOW Stephen McGill Britain's Marvelous Machins - Varieties of the Denominated Printings 1967-2016
UNEXPO17 Anthony F. Dewey First U.N. Issue, 1951
Single Frame Qualifiers (show year January - December)
Americover   No qualifying exhibits
AmeriStamp Expo Anthony F. Dewey The War Rate: 1815-1816
  Gregory Shoults The Production of the Third Bureau Washington and Franklin Perforated Flat Plate Coils 1908 to 1914
  Dan Undersander The World's First Commemorative Stamped Envelope - The 1876 Centennial
ARIPEX Omar J. Rodriguez Early Postmarks of Mexico and the Establishment of the First Official Domestic Postal Routes in 1791
BALPEX Mark S. Schwartz The Postal Marking of Newbury & Newburyport, Mass. During the Stampless Period 1755-1855
CHICAGOPEX Jerry H. Miller 'America-England' Ship Letter 1749-1796...Major British-Realm Ports-of-Entry
COLOPEX Michael T. Mahler Thar She Blows! U.S. Whaling Fiscal History 1862-72
Edmonton Spring National    
Filatelic Fiesta Thomas Slemons Great Britain Postal Reform, 1837-1840
FLOREX Wayne Schuetz Study of New York City Registered Labels 1883-1911
Garfield-Perry March Party Gregory Shoults Washington and Franklin Rotary Press Coil Waste 1919-1922
INDYPEX Arnold Wasserman The 24c Jenny Airmail Stamp, 100th Anniversary of U.S. Airmail Service, Then and Now
MILCOPEX Dan Undersander The World's First Commemorative Stamped Envelope - The 1876 Centennial
Minnesota Stamp Expo Robert M. Benninghoff The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1925
NAPEX Edward J.J. Grabowski The Era of French Colonial Group Type: Obock
National Topical Francis Adams The United Nations and Palestine: 1947-1951
NOJEX Mark S. Schwartz Boston's "PAID in Gold" Cancels on the U.S. Imperforate Issus of 1847-56
OKPEX Timothy R. Bartshe Orange Free State Overseas Letter Rates, 1868-UPU
Omaha Stamp Show Francis Adams The Charter of the United Nations
Philatelic Show Mark S. Schwartz Boston's Use of the 1847 Issue
PIPEX Louis Pataki Along the Shantung Railway, China: German Postal Administration 1900-1914
Plymouth Show No qualifying exhibit  
Rocky Mountain Stamp Show Harry K. Charles Jr. The United States War Savings Stamps of WWI
ROPEX Anthony F. Dewey The Bridges of Hartford, 1810 to Mid-1940s
SANDICAL Fran Adams Atlantic Meeting: Roosevelt and Churchill in Newfoundland – 1941
Sarasota National Mark Schwartz The “Special Arrangement” Between Liverpool and the U.S. 1843-1848
SEAPEX David W. McNamee Conquest of the Zulu Kingdom 1876-1897
SESCAL Ross Marshall Russian Mail via Austrian Galicia to General Postal Union 1874
Southeastern Stamp Show Charles J. O’Brien III The Lexington-Concord Issue of 1925
St. Louis Stamp Expo Hermann Ivester The St. Louis Proprietary Provisionals of July 1898 and the Companies That Used Them
StampShow Cheryl R. Ganz Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg Onboard Postmarks
TEXPEX Richard Taschenberg The 30¢ Nesbitt Envelopes of 1865
UNEXPO17 Anthony F. Dewey International Education Bureau Labels for the Service of Intellectual Aid to Prisoners of War
WESTPEX Ross Marshall Poland 1919 Postage Due 2-value
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