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October 2013 Snap Shots
Westfield Stamp Club visits the APC

October 3

Nick Lombardi, club member & APS Director-at-Large, presents a $500 donation to Ken Martin, APS Executive Director, for the Stamps Teach program.


Members take advantage of using Sales Division.

Some take time to do research in the library.


Searching for good buys in the “Stamp and Cover Shop.”

Taking time out to talk to Mercer Bristow, Director of Expertizing.


Steve Rod, right, shows a young stamp collector the Jenny Invert.

Centre County United Way of Caring
October 3

Volunteers help the APS by taking shelving down in the “old” library annex.


– A big “Thank You” to the four volunteers.

Jockey Hollow Stamp Club, Morristown, NJ

Members of the Jockey Hollow Stamp Club visited the APC.


Some of the members took advantage of using sales division.

OKPEX, sponsored by the Oklahoma City Stamp Club

October 25-26, 2013

Registration table.


The dealer area.

Randy Neil (right) receives the single-frame grand award for his exhibit from Joe Crosby, show chairman.


Children enjoying the youth area.

Collectors Club of New York

Tara Murray, Director of Information Services/Librarian, visited the Collectors Club of New York. Here she is with Bruce Marsden, Library Chair (and APRL Trustee).


Photographs of the Knapp Collection.


A donation sent to the APS.


The shipping container for the donation.

Gretchen Moody, Director of Education, stands in front of boxes of material ready for mailing to teachers for the Stamps Teach program.


The Philatelic Club of Will County hosted a workshop at which Boy Scouts could earn the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge.

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Attendees and instructors of The Visible Postal System: A Postal History Course held prior to SESCAL October 2-3. Taught by Diane DeBlois and Robert Dalton Harris.
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