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Helen L. Bruno,
Editorial Department Advertising Manager

“In my current position, I’m responsible for all phases of advertising, from finding new advertisers to billing.... There are plenty of challenges, but many rewards, too.”

“As Advertising Manager, I have the opportunity and privilege of working with some very special friends. I don't get to actually meet most of our advertisers in person. If I did, I would tell each one how much they mean to me. We truly appreciate them, and value their support.

“I came to work with the American Philatelic Society under Colonel James T. DeVoss on October 18, 1976. I was an excellent speller in school, a skill that had served me well as a legal secretary, but I remember that DeVoss gave me a spelling test and I drew a complete blank on the word ‘Czechoslovakia.’ At the last minute, the word suddenly came to me and I got the job as his secretary.

“Those were the days of maintaining our membership database using an addressograph machine to make the plates to maintain the database (if you dropped a tray, ‘OUCH!’), drafting correspondence on paper in pen or pencil, then typing it with carbon paper for copies. With no computers, email, or faxes, I sometimes wonder how we did it!

“In my 33 years, it has been my pleasure to be the Secretary to three Executive Directors: Colonel DeVoss, Keith Wagner, and, until June of 2004, Bob Lamb, with whom I also worked as Complaints Manager. I’ve enjoyed representing the APS at WSP shows, and handled Nordia 2001 Registration. I have also worked as a clerk, bookkeeper, editorial assistant ? even expertizing clerk for a short time.

“In my current position, I’m responsible for all phases of advertising, from finding new advertisers to billing. This includes scheduling ads, creating and managing databases, handling all correspondence, coordinating with advertisers, editors and designers to prepare ads for publication, proofreading, and sending out invoices. There are plenty of challenges, but many rewards, too.

“I joined the APS in 1982 because I wanted to contribute in some small way. Little did I suspect that the bug would get me, but it sure did. I got into collecting stamps, covers, and other items related to Alaska, archery, and my family history. I’ve enjoy helping build the collections of two budding philatelists in the family.

“As far as other hobbies, I have been a competition target archery shooter (unlimited and bowhunter classes), traveled all around the state with the best champion archers, and did well enough to have my score listed in the Pennsylvania State Archery Association's record books. For several years I was Secretary Treasurer for the Black Eagle Bowman Archery Club in Howard, Pennsylvania.

“I enjoy my family of six children, 16 grandchildren including a set of twins, and five great-grandchildren. I enjoy hiking through the woods taking in the beauty and solitude and watching the deer, bear, pheasant, wildlife along the way. You can also find me gardening among my veggies and flowers, designing walkways and landscaping my yard. I live in a quiet, beautiful village about eight miles outside of Bellefonte, nestled at the foot of the Nittany Mountain range at Hecla Gap.”

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