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Lesson Plans

Grades 6 thru 8

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• A Tour of Washington DC Social Studies
• Black History Month Kit Social Studies
• Black History Month Poster Social Studies
• Civil War Chronology Social Studies
• Cloudscapes Poster Science
• Constellations Kit Science
• Energy In Our Life Science
• Greetings from America Lesson Social Studies
• Learning Center Language Arts
• Letters to Home English as a Second Language
• Lewis & Clark Social Studies
• Black History Marian Anderson Social Studies
• Marine Animal Discovery - Science
• Post Pack Social Studies
• R. Buckminster Full Poster Part 1 Science
• R. Buckminster Full Poster Part 2 Science
• Reptiles and Amphibians Poster Science
• Jefferson Memorial: A Reflection of the Man
    Design of the Jefferson Memorial
Social Studies
• The Lewis and Clark Expedition Social Studies
• This Land is Your Land Social Studies
• Thurgood Marshall Kit Government
• Wetland Poster Science
• Who's Who Social Studies

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