Remember Me
February Snap Shots
50-Year Medallions Received

Don Smith recently visited the APC and received
his 50-year medallion from Ken Martin, APS
Executive Director.


James Baumann received his 50-year medallion,
from Harry Winter, at the Toledo Stamp Expo.

Volunteers Visit APS

Jeff Thompson and Carolyn Busell are moving previous year's catalogues to make room for new editions in the APRL. Jeff is a regular volunteer through the RSVP program.


Lewis Busell volunteered in the education department. Carolyn and Lewis were traveling to Florida and decided to stop and volunteer for a couple days. They had read about volunteers in The American Philatelist.

Volunteer Fair

APS/APRL had a booth at a Volunteer Fair held in
Bellefonte. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
(RSVP), shown here, also participated. Several of our
APS/APRL’s current volunteers are through RSVP.


To complete another phase of construction at
the Match Factory — bathrooms were installed
on the first floor off Kramer Gallery.


During February three potential tenants
showed an interest in building 10.

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