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Membership is open to all interested philatelists of any age and visitors & guests are always welcome. Annual dues are $20 and include a monthly newsletter. For further information, please contact Bill Geijsbeek at (425) 883-9390.

To join, download a Membership Application (pdf).
Send the filled-out application with a check for $20 (payable to ESC) to:

Bill Geijsbeek
6616 140th Pl. N.E.
Redmond, WA 98052


President – Bill Geijsbeek – (425) 883-9390, billgphil@gmail.com
Vice-President - Art Van Uchelen, arthurvanuchelen@yahoo.com
Newsletter Editor - Tim Greene, gt45@msn.com
Treasurer - Paul Parham, pauljparham@msn.com
Secretary - William C. Messecar, santafe-mail@comcast.net
Exhibition Chair - Lisa Foster, fosteld@gmail.com
Supplies Chairman - Dennis Fortney dennisf47@comcast.net

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