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APS Useful Links Guidelines

External Links from APS Website

A great deal of time has been spent developing the APS website. Our goal is to provide as many resources to visitors without having to redirect them to other sites, however, we realize that other websites exist which provide valuable information not currently available on our own site.

Criteria & Request Form

An online form is available to request that we link to your site. The following criteria will be considered in determining whether to provide a link, but we reserve the right to accept or reject any requests.

  • Is the site willing to provide a reciprocal link to the APS website?
  • Does the site provide philatelic content not available on the APS website? For example dealer, society and show listings are available on the APS website so we will not include links to other listings.
  • Links that are provided as part of standard resources on our site such as chapter, affiliate, and show listings will only be included in those listings and not additionally as "useful links."
  • Is the owner of the site an APS member in good standing? Just as we require all booth holders at our shows to be APS members, there needs to be recourse to resolve complaints about sites to which we may refer an individual.
  • How long has the site existed? How frequently is it updated? How much traffic does it receive? We can not continuously check for dead links or out of date information on sites to which we are linked and obviously have more confidence in longstanding sites that have a track record of being kept up to date.
  • While the site may require registration, there must be significant content available at no charge. Sites devoted primarily to advertising or for commercial purposes will generally not be linked.
  • An English version of the site should be available.
  • Is the site a partner of the APS? (Cross linking is still required)
  • Some links may be provided under specific departments or services instead of or in addition to on the General Link page. For example all youth related links will require first visiting the youth information on our site.
  • All links will open in a new page. Links will also be grouped by categories such as:
    - APS Partners
    - Catalogs
    - Message Boards
    - Publications
    - Other Resources
    - Stamp Printers
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