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Over 10,000 pages of philatelic exhibits will be on display, as well as 35 literature exhibits.

Philatelic Exhibits

Entry Forms and Prospectus are now available for those who wish to exhibit.

Please note: Exhibit frames are full. If you would like to submit an entry your name will be added to a waiting list.

**Exhibitors should electronically submit a synopsis and title page to kedwards@stamps.org, preferably in pdf format, to assist the jury in preparation for evaluation of the exhibit. These should not be more than two pages (four sides). Submission at time of application is preferred but must be received at least 60 days prior to the exhibition to provide adequate preparation time for the jury.

Literature Exhibits

Exhibit Entry Forms and Prospectus are available.

Exhibit Jury

Darrell Ertzberger, Chief, Virginia
Jay Stotts, Texas
Tom Fortunato, New York
Alan Warren, Pennsylvania
Sam Chiu, Canada
Arlene Sullivan, Canada
Mike Ley, Nebraska
Dan Warren, Virginia
John Hotchner, Virginia
Robert Hohertz, Minnesota
Mark Banchik, New York
Mike Peter, Missouri

FIP Option Jury

Peter McCann, Florida
Kathryn Johnson, Illinois

Literature Jury

Ken Trettin, Iowa, Chief
Steve Schumann, California
Pat Walters, Colorado

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