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Meeting Minutes for APS Board of Directors - March 6.

Membership Modernization presented by Scott English at APS Board Meeting, Feb. 22.

APRL Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda - March 12.

Meeting Minutes for APS Board of Directors - February 22.

Meeting Agendas - Birmingham, Alabama:
APS Board of Directors, Feb. 22
General Membership Meeting, Feb. 24s

Meeting Minutes of Electronic Vote by APS Board of Directors - January 2.

APS Board of Directors & APRL Board of Trustees 2018 Meeting Schedule

Dealer Survey Results

Letter Concerning Regency-Superior Auctions

APS and ATA Will Join Forces at 2018 StampShow

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May 2-3: Postal History of World War II in the Pacific Ocean from the American Perspective, Boxborough, MA. Prior to Philatelic Show.

May 10: Understanding the British Machin Series: Collecting & Exhibiting, Portland, OR. Prior to Pipex.

May 28: APC Closed for Memorial Day

Educational Events - see upcoming courses and seminars.

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AmeriStamp Expo
February 23-25, 2018,
Birmingham, Alabama

The AmeriStamp Expo Palmares is available in pdf format.

StampShow/National Topical Stamp Show
August 9-12, 2018,
Columbus, Ohio

Booth Reservation are now being accepted.
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