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December Snap Shots
Misc. Shots

John Graper was a recipient of a Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Award for Local Promotion/Service. Bob Rufe recognized John by presenting a certificate at a club meeting.


Bellefonte’s Victorian Christmas was kicked-off with a “Gaslight Gala and Scrooge’s Wedding Ball” held at the APC.

Bellefonte’s first snow of the season – looking over towards the Tallyrand Park.


The BUDD RDC self-powered passenger car.

Roseann Staie Retirement

Library Circulation Clerk, retired December 31, 2012. A retirement party was held in her honor. She had worked in the APRL for 19 years.

Roseann is ready to “dig” into her cake.


In her spare time she can read all about stamp collecting.

She received a snow globe as a going away gift.


Roseann shows off her new sunglasses. Everyone at the APC wishes her the best in her retirement.

APC HOliday Party

Held December 14 at the APC.

The men were in charge of the 2012 Holiday Party. Rick Banks called us all together to enjoy the afternoon.


Everyone enjoyed the good food.

Rick Banks was MC for a couple games.


Mercer Bristow entertained us by dancing the Macarena.

One of the games played was APS Feud (based on Family Feud). Employees, and volunteers, were divided by department.


The winners decide on the correct answer!

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