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APS Calendar

Following is a schedule of APS events and staff traveling plans.

May 28: APC Closed for Memorial Day

June 24-29: Summer Seminar, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

July 4: APC Closed for Independence Day

July 16-20: Volunteer Work Week, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

August 9: On the Road course Competitive Thematic Exhibiting , Columbus, OH

August 11: On the Road course Getting the Most out of the Scott Specialized Catalogues , Columbus, OH

August 9-12: StampShow, co-hosted with the American Topical Association, Columbus, Ohio

September 3: APC Closed for Labor Day

September 13: On the Road course James A. Farley and the Politicization of the Post , Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 22 & 23: APC Closed for Thanksgiving

December 24 & 25: APC Closed for Christmas

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