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Member Service Handbook

Sent to all new members upon joining. Also available here in .pdf format (updated 01/2014).

Member Services

Whether you are a beginning collector or have
collected for years, APS provides services and educational opportunities to broaden your interests and enhance your collecting enjoyment!

Membership Includes:

StampStore — Purchase stamps online. No bidding, watching or waiting — you see it, you like it, you buy it!

Mail Sales Circuits — Buy and sell stamps from the comfort of your home.

Expertizing — Obtain guaranteed opinions on the genuineness of stamps and covers.

Quick I.D. — Get help identifying that troubling stamp.

The American Philatelist – Full-color, 100-page monthly magazine.

Insurance — Protect your collection with the most comprehensive stamp coverage available.

Online Members Only Area — Log-in and update your membership profile and view your account status. Also take advantage of online specials — articles, discounts, online exhibits, and more…

Library — Our expert staff and vast collection of print and digital resources are ready to assist you with your research. Access online resources, request scans, and borrow books or obtain photocopies by mail.

Exhibitions — Buy and sell stamps, attend seminars, view exhibits, and expose young people to collection at our two annual shows.

Learning Opportunities — Learn more about collecting at APS seminars, through online courses, or receive one-on-one help through the Mentor Program.

Publications — Take advantage of the 20% member discount. Our book list offers titles covering a wide range of topics for all levels of collectors.

Translations — Request a translation of philatelic-related material.

Member Disputes — Deal confidently with fellow members. The dispute process provides a means of enforcing the APS Code of Ethics.


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